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July 25–31, 2021

School of the Holy Spirit Brings Cancer Healing

Updated: May 19, 2021

What God reveals, He heals.

Michael (far right) shares how the School of the Holy Spirit healed his Mom of cancer.

When Michael set out to attend the School of the Holy Spirit, his Mom, Maria, had been battling cancer. By the grace of God, when he returned home, a divine healing had taken place. Read on to hear Michael share his Mom’s miraculous healing experience.

“My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer two years ago. Since it was very slow growing and her other serious health issues meant undergoing a biopsy posed a high risk, her doctors agreed the best course of action was to monitor the spot. No chemotherapy or treatment would be done. Instead, she was scanned every 3-6 months, and the spot remained the same, it hadn't metastasized or grown.

Then I attended the School of the Holy Spirit. During the ministry time, the leaders were releasing words of knowledge and released a word about cancer. I immediately claimed it for my mom.

When I got home, my mom went for another scan, and the growth shrunk! Her lung doctor called her and said, based on the small size, that the cancer was dead and the tissue was healing. Praise God! We told him we were praying for my mom, and he said, 'The prayers worked!' Her PCP said this shouldn't have happened with no treatment. We have no medical explanation other than it’s a divine intervention. We definitely had a miracle in my family.

I’ve been attending the School of the Holy Spirit since 2010, and I’ve watched so many miracles take place. The events and the ministers are such a blessing to people. This group is my tribe, and as long it’s open, I’ll go. All glory to God!”

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